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Are you outraged yet? WE ARE!

We are a non profit,non sponsored group of activists from all over the world trying to create awareness by showing the world the barbaric practice of dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan.

Dolphin Hunts are horrific and cruel. Dolphins and small whales are herded into the cove where they are either slaughtered or selected alive for sale to theme parks and aquaria for human entertainment.

The most infamous drive hunt takes place in Taiji, Japan. The annual drive hunts is one of the biggest slaughters of dolphins and whales in the world, yet many of japan's own people don't know the hunts take place.


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The butchers of Taiji

The drive hunt season in taiji, japan runs from 1st September through to March each year. Which involves chasing wild dolphins and whales with motorboats and herding them into shallow water. A few "show quality" individuals are then chosed for a life in captivity, with no hope of ever being reunited with there families or being rehabilitated and returned to the wild.

The remaining dolphins and whales are then slaughtered. Their deaths can take up to 30 minutes. Hundreds of dolphins and whales are slaughtered just for the capture of a handful of these sentient beings that will be destined for a life of captivity.

Captivity kills

While in the wild, dolphins and whales swim up to 100 miles miles each day but in captivity things get dramatic.

There is no difference between a tank and a jail ceil. With no place to hide from the public, these environments cause enormous stress, resulting in illness and premature death.

Dolphins and whales, through a training regime that involves food deprivation, are taught to unnatural behaviors such as jumping through hoops and "kissing" people. They are kept intentionally hungry and forced to perform tricks in order to be rewarded with handfuls of fish which contains there medication. They perform 24/7 until the day they die.A life in captivity is truly a life sentence.

What you can do

  • Dont buy a ticket to any dolphin shows, dolphin swim programs, aquariums or marine parks
  • Tell your friends and family not to support dolphin and whale captivity
  • Support alternatives to captvity, such as wild dolphin and whale watching tours

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